How to keep your home office secure

Working from home guide
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The past 18 months have had a profound impact on how most of us work, with the shift towards remote and hybrid working transforming how many of us work on a day-to-day basis.

But whilst this new way of working does allow for extra flexibility, that's no reason to let down your guard when it comes to staying safe online - so here's a few tips to keep your home office secure for the age of hybrid working.

Make sure all your devices are secure

Now many of us are to speed with working from home, having a dedicated area for productivity is a must. However the same can’t always be said for our work devices.

Although most people are now hopefully aware of the need for security protection for their computing devices, whether laptop or desktop - other devices often get forgotten. Making sure all your home office kit stays safe, from your PC to your printer to your smartphone and even your router, is vital, as hackers can seize upon any possible weak spot to gain access to your network, and then your personal or work data.

Ensure your security protection is up to scratch

So how do you keep all your devices protected? Luckily, the days of PC-specific antivirus software are long gone, as most security software providers now offer solutions that cover a wide range of devices.

With the pandemic meaning more of us are working from home than ever before, there are a large number of tools designed to protect all your products. Making sure you have a security suite that is frequently updated to block all the latest threats is key to making sure your home office stays protected.

Fire up a VPN

A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, has quickly become an essential tool for home and work internet use in recent months. Put simply, using a VPN allows you to disguise your connection to appear like it is originating from a different country or region, meaning no one should be able to track your internet activity or see your location. 

Asides from the possibility to watch foreign TV shows or sports on your device, a VPN can also help keep you safe online. Disguising your IP address means your online activity can’t be tracked, giving hackers or criminals a significantly harder job to infiltrate your devices, keeping you and your devices safe.

Be security aware

Finally, some of the best ways to stay safe online simply require remaining alert. Now that the border between home and work is more blurred than ever, and work devices are a common sight in many home offices, staying on your toes to possible threats has never been more important.

Having more internet-connected devices around the home means that unfortunately, the possible threat landscape is greater than ever before. Using a comprehensive security solution that protects against the latest malware, spyware and adware threats, is essential - but you can also play a part yourself.

Always make sure that any links you click in an email, or any attachments, are from a recognised and trusted source - simply double-checking the name of the sender or the email header can be enough. Don’t open risky emails from anyone you don’t know - especially if on a work device - as the consequences could be pretty costly.