GTA 6 will feature multiple cities, including Vice City, source says

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GTA 6 will return to Vice City and feature other locations after release, a source "close to the matter" has said.

This is according to an in-depth feature on the development of GTA 6. Sources speaking anonymously to Bloomberg say that the long-awaited sequel will see us return to Vice City, or at least a fictional version of Miami.

The game is planned to be the biggest Grand Theft Auto title ever and was originally designed to encompass large regions modeled after North and South America, the source says. Those plans were later cut back, however. As GTA 6 currently stands, its main map will contain Vice City and the metropolis' surrounding area.

Rapid expansion

Franklin, Michael and Trevor in GTA 5

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It sounds like GTA 6’s map won’t remain static, either. Rockstar plans to continually update the game after release through patches that are substantially larger in scope than those GTA 5 has received.

According to Bloomberg, Rockstar plans to add new missions and cities to the game “on a regular basis”. Not only will these hand players new areas to explore after they’ve completed the vanilla version of the game, but it’s hoped the release schedule will cut down crunch time during the final months of development.

GTA 6’s map will still be large at launch, though. Not only will it cover a wide area, but it will also feature more interior locations than past titles. Combined with the series’ first female protagonist, it sounds like Rockstar is making a few major changes to the staple GTA formula.

Despite these details, we’ve still no concrete launch date. The latest leaks suggest GTA 6 is at least two years away from release. Thankfully, there are loads of games like GTA you can play while waiting for Rockstar's crime 'em up.

While we wouldn't normally report on another outlet's anonymously-sourced article, Bloomberg's Jason Schreier has an extremely strong history of this kind of journalism, making it more trustworthy than most.

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