Alt-Delete: Hollywood does videogame comedy

Ever thought that you might just be a simple avatar living in a virtual world?

A new movie based on videogame culture is in development, though this time it is a 'sci-fi comedy' and not (yet another) sub-standard horror based on a Resident Evil spin-off.

"Nearly one year after forming Unique Features with a three-year first-look deal at Warner Bros, Bob Shaye and longtime partner Michael Lynne have assembled a formidable slate of films," reports Variety in the latest news reports coming out of Tinseltown.

Sci-fi gaming comedy

Warner Bros is backing Shaye and Lynne's Alt-Delete, described as "a sci-fi comedy scripted by Tim Kelleher and Danny Zuker in which two guys working for a vidgame publishing company come to realize they are avatars in a larger game."

Tim Kelleher and Danny Zuker, have plenty of TV sitcom experience, so we can only hope that they hit the right notes to manage to make Alt-Delete both funny and culturally relevant to the gaming generation.

Via Variety