Cookie Cutter is a bloody, stylish 2D action game with an unexpected hero

Two women embracing covered in blood rain
(Image credit: Rogue Games, Inc.)

The hand-drawn Metroidvania, Cookie Cutter just got another trailer and it's even more bloody and brutal than the last one. 

Cookie Cutter gave fans another glimpse into the rage-driven life of Cherry, an android on a quest to rescue her beloved creator from the clutches of an evil mastermind. 

Seen at the Future Games Show Summer Showcase, Cookie Cutter's two-minute trailer depicted fight after fight, with Cherry literally tearing her enemies a new one. There are laser guns, spinning blades tethered onto the end of spears, and of course a trusty chainsaw, all weapons that Cherry utilizes on her brutal rampage. 

You'll meet a mechanic called Raz who'll upgrade your abilities and weapons to transform you from an angry android to a terrifying killing machine. There's no doubt that this 2D action game is designed for mature players with Cookie Cutter's unashamedly violent approach to every situation thinkable. 

Your quest to find Shinji will then see you traverse a world that unlocks as Cherry upgrades her arsenal, unlocking new abilities, weapons and items as she toes the point of no return on her gory rampage.

Luckily for those who want to dive into this action-packed game as soon as possible, the release window for Cookie Cutter is mid-2023, so we're pretty close as it stands, and it'll be available on PC via Steam and Epic Games. For more games that pack a punch check out our best fighting games list. 

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