Microsoft boosts web-facing computer population


Microsoft web server software has been responsible for an increase of more than 40,000 in the amount of web-facing computers in existence.

Netcraft's August 2015 Web Server Survey showed that the total number of web-facing computers reached 5,391,301 and of the 40,978 web-facing computers added in July 2015, 15,668 were powered by Microsoft web server software.

Apache continues to lead the way when it comes to market share, which sits at a solid 46.26% whereas Microsoft (26.47%), nginx (15.15%) and Google (2.28%) make up the top four with all of them experiencing slight drops.

July was an important one in the world of HTTP/2 as LiteSpeed became the first major web server to bring support for the standard that was standardised in May. By making the move first, Litespeed served 47.35% of all SSL sites that used the final version of HTTP/2 over TLS this month.

Unfortunately for them it won't be long until the big boys get their act together. Microsoft IIS 10, the first one that supports HTTP/2, is included in Windows 10 and will also be a part of Windows Server 2016, when it is released next year.

Windows Server 2016 almost here

mod_h2, an Apache module donated to the Apache Foundation in June, also includes support and an initial patch for nginx is already being developed and that should mean HTTP/2 support by the end of 2015.

Microsoft's share of the market could well increase once Windows Server 2016 gets its release next year and it will be interesting to see how the competitions changes in the face of the new platform.