Asus readies iPad rivals for June announcement

Asus - the original netbook manufacturer - is readying its tablet PC range for Computex in June

Asus' much-rumoured iPad rivals are on the way, with the major Taiwanese netbook and laptop manufacturer getting ready to release a new range of tablet PCs in the coming months.

The news comes only days before Apple releases the iPad to eager early adopters and fans in the US.

Jonney Shih, Chairman of Asus, says Asus is planning to release "at least two" tablet PCs in the coming months, with rumours about the plans for an Eee-tablet having done the rounds for months now.

The smart money expects Asus to reveal its new tablet PC range at Computex in Taipei in June, where Asus unveiled the original Eee PC netbook back in 2007.

Between netbooks and smartphones

Shih told Forbes: "Netbooks are the best combination of personal computing and cloud computing.

"But between netbooks and smartphones and e-readers, we think there will be a space for something like a tablet or slate PC."

One of Asus' tablets will likely run Google Chrome, or its mobile operating system, Android. The other will likely be based around Microsoft's Windows platform.

"There will be an Apple camp [in tablets], but Asus always tries to address the open camps of Google and Microsoft," Shih added. "Content will play a very important role on tablets. The Google tablet will have a lot of media.

"Asus' culture originated from an engineering spirit with a focus on fundamentals and results," said Shih. "But a good engineer also has to master theory, architecture, innovation and aesthetics."

Via Forbes