Samsung's nippy new SSD is just around the corner

Samsung Pro 950 SSD

Apparently Samsung is ready to push out a new SSD, and the company is set to launch the 960 EVO next month, according to the rumour mill.

Samsung's 960 EVO is an M.2 SSD which will use the firm's new Polaris NVMe memory controller and will be packed with 48-layer TLC V-NAND (vertical NAND, in other words the chips are stacked on top of each other to pack more in, and to boost performance).

This will be a nippy consumer-targeted drive and should deliver performance around the same levels as Samsung's PM961 series, as OC3D notes: that's sequential read speeds of 3000MB/s and write speeds of up to 1150MB/s.

Up to 1TB

According to the grapevine, the 960 EVO will be offered in four capacities, namely 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and the largest drive will reach 1TB. We should find out how accurate all this speculation is next month…

Back in the summer, Samsung unveiled a monster 32TB SSD, and while that's not as big as the 60TB behemoth that Seagate revealed around the same time, Samsung's effort offers a considerably greater data density (it's a 2.5-inch SSD rather than a 3.5-inch one).

Of course, these giant SSDs are stupidly expensive and will likely weigh in at around the $20,000 (about £15,000, AU$27,000) mark. Still, they're a good indication of what's in the pipeline for more affordable drives eventually.

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