HP adds application delivery, video transcoding and web infrastructure to Moonshot

HP headquarters, Houston
HP headquarters, Houston

HP has added three new devices to its lineup of HP ProLiant Moonshot servers. The new products include application delivery, video transcoding and web infrastructure tools.

HP's new application delivery tool was produced for the HP Moonshot ProLiant m710 server. Built in combination with Citrix XenApp, the tools is meant to enable organizations to simplify the delivery of business applications to devices. The tool consolidates application delivery into a single architecture that requires fewer components and less office space.

The tool features an Intel Xeon E3-1284L v3 with built-in Intel Iris Pro Graphics P5200 processor.

HP is also pitching the solution as an added security measure for organizations that offer BYOD policies.

"[If you have] sensitive info on devices, all that data remains in the datacenter, the application screenshot is simply being streamed to the end device," said Gerald Kleyn, Director of Hyperscale Server Hardware Research & Development for HP Servers. "If you lose connection the data was never across the network."

Video transcoding

HP in partnership with Vantrix Media has created a video transcoding tool also built for the m710 designed to offer broadcasting companies and multi-service operators to support 20 times more transcoded video streams per rack using HP Moonshot servers, versus the industry average, according to Kleyn.

The tool also offers up to 80% less cost-per-stream.

"Using the same cartridge you can convert digital coding from one format to another by offloading transcoding operations onto the GPU," Kleyn said.

Web infrastructure

HP is also introducing web infrastructure in-a-box based on the HP Moonshot ProLiant m300 server. The tool is built to help organizations manage their multi-tier web infrastructure within one HP Moonshot chassis or across multiple chassis.

Built in partnership with Canonical and Red Hat, customers can layer the full application stack across dedicated groups of servers within the HP Moonshot chassis.