Access to thousands of hacked servers being sold online

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An underground web store is reportedly selling backdoor access to over 43,000 compromised websites and servers, experts have reported.

The infamous MagBo platform is known to have offered almost 150,000 different compromised websites, with over 200 daily transactions a day and over 200 to 400 new additions on the platform each day. According to data from KELA, “190 different threat actors currently have active listings on the market.”

Compromised websites listed on the site include government offices and ministries, which are being sold for $10,000 apiece, while small business sites are available for a few cents. According to an estimate, MagBo might have already grossed more than $750,000 in revenue from selling hacked servers since 2018.

Underground marketplace

The actors buying credentials from this platform use them mainly to run black hat SEO campaigns, although a few are used to target e-commerce stores, web-cleaning stores and intranets with ransomware. Many of the servers that are being sold on MegBo are primarily accessed via web-shells and a few provide remote access via compromised FTP and CMS credentials. 

Servers which can be accessed via SSH compromised hosting panels and SQL access are also sold in a small number.

According to the report, most of the websites listed on MegBo are running a dated version of WordPress or use plugins that have not been updated making them easy prey for intruders. 

MagBo, which started in 2018, is one of the many underground marketplaces that operate in broad daylight, however, signing up on the platform is based on a referral from an existing member. Only once a user is registered are they allowed to make a transaction. 

Just like MegBo, xDedic was another site that was notorious for selling access to hacked RDP endpoints and soon had an inventory of over 85,000 credentials before it was shut down by the authorities in 2019.

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