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Shiny Frog Img2icns Pro 1.1 review

Give your Desktop personalised icons

Shiny Frog Img2icns
Customise your desktop with new icons

Our Verdict

This is a great, simple and really efficient utility for working with icons


  • Easy to use
  • Efficient


  • Paid version a bit much for occasional users

Although fully fledged icon organisation apps like Panic's CandyBar exist, a simpler utility often suits. We've long been fans of Shiny Frog's Img2icns – an efficient drag-and-drop app for creating icons – so we were keen to try out the new version.

On launch, it's clear the application has had a major design refresh – it now looks better and is simpler to use.

As before, you drag items to the app's well and receive export options (folders, ICNS files, iPhone icons, favicons), or you can apply the previewed icon to an item by dragging a file from Finder to the preview. It's also possible to do reverse conversions – drop an icon onto the well and you can output it as a PNG, TIFF or GIF.

This release also retains icon history, and items can be dragged from the History window to Finder or exported via one click. For anyone who regularly creates icons, this feature alone should justify the app's price.

For the occasional user, the free version still export ICNS and folder icons, and applies icons to files. For more info see

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