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Non-license software increasingly appealing to SMBs

Open source is the way forward, says Scale

New survey research by Scale Computing has indicated that SMBs are shifting towards non-license based software.

The survey interviewed 200 IT decision-makers in businesses with between 200 and 1,000 employees. Of those, 48 per cent said that their IT budget was not enough to be able to fully provide for the needs of their business.

Only 38 per cent of respondents said that their IT systems delivered any form of competitive advantage over rivals. 97 per cent agreed that SMB users can't get a competitive edge if the company just uses license-based software.

Losing control

The change in progress can be seen, though, with almost one third of IT professionals now using open source software. By 2015 Scale's survey predicts that 36 per cent of SMB applications will be run on non license-based software by 2015.

Of the decision makers surveyed, 57 per cent said that they could achieve more within their business with more resources. Two-thirds added that their biggest challenge was managing their software estates because of procurement challenges.

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