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One size fits all with screen-scaling Gmail app update

Gmail responsive
Gmail responsive

Gmail for your phone is getting a significant update later this month, one which may save you a trip or two to the opticians in the long run.

September will see the roll out of responsive design in the Gmail app, which will let emails be rescaled automatically to better fit the size of the screen of the device you're using.

Most email is currently formatted with a computer's larger screen in mind, and the current Gmail build pretty much sends any rich-media information accompanying an email as-is.

The new update will intelligently adapt an email to your device, saving you from squinting at tiny text, or tapping away at miniscule links.

Intelligent inbox

"These changes will make your email experience as comfortable and intuitive as possible," reads a post on the Google blog.

"And as responsive design becomes more common, you'll continue to see emails that fit better on all your screens and devices."

The update will also be rolling out to Inbox, Google's forward-thinking new take on mobile email management.