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Mario goes to Brazil

Mario - colonizing the Americas in time for Christmas
Mario - colonizing the Americas in time for Christmas

Having conquered Europe, Japan and North America with sales of Wii and DS hardware in the last couple of years, Nintendo is now turning its attention to Latin America.

In an attempt to win a slice of the consumer pie from companies like the Brazilian Tec Toy – which largely distributes budget versions of 16- and 8-bit Sega consoles – Nintendo is planning a more aggressive Spanish-language marketing campaign in the run up to Christmas.

With the focus on sports and fitness games, Nintendo says South America's growing video game market could be worth up to $2 billion this year alone.

"The long-term economic potential of Latin America makes this an extremely important market for videogames," Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo America, told Reuters.

"Nintendo has experienced phenomenal growth in the region over the past few years, growth that has even surpassed what we have seen in the United States."