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Best Nintendo Switch carry cases 2020: the 7 best travel cases for your console

Best Nintendo Switch carry cases - Hori Gold

Looking for the best Nintendo Switch carry cases? We wouldn't blame you: in a world of bustling commutes and cement pavements, having a travel case will often be the difference between your Switch surviving a trip out of the living room.

The Nintendo Switch has gained hordes of devout fans for its ultra-convenient portable play, allowing players to take all their favorite Switch games out on their travels. There is, however, always a fear with any new portable console purchase: whether you're going to drop it.

Thankfully, there are a host of practical solutions, and we've rounded up the very best Nintendo Switch carry cases we could find in the article below – as well as how best to pick 'em. We haven't tested them all personally, but these are likely the best bets for someone on the hunt for a suitable Switch case.

So whether you're looking for something hardy for big drops, or just a Nintendo Switch travel case to keep all your additional Joy-Cons and accessories tidied away, we've got just the thing for you.

Should I buy a Nintendo Switch carry case?

One of the Switch's great perks is that it's able to take AAA and indie games on the go in 720p resolution, as well as play TV-suited games at home with the proper picture they deserve. But therein lies the danger.

As a handheld, the Switch takes up a lot more space than a Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita, and requires more care with its vulnerable (albeit plastic) screen. While the 3DS has a smart clamshell design that keeps the screen out of harm's way, the Switch could well be prone to scratches if dumped in a bag or rucksack willy-nilly.

A home console, meanwhile, usually doesn't need too many add-ons, other than connecting cables or extra controllers – all of which can be bundled in a drawer when they're not in use. 

But the Switch remains a portable console. And if you're the kind of gamer who wants to take additional Joy-Cons on the road for more sociable play, or even take the Switch dock on your travels - say, if you travel between residences a lot - it's hard to underestimate the usefulness of a kitted-out travel case where every cable and gadget can happily fit in together.

There's also a case to be made for appearances. That's a smart-looking £300/$300 console you've got there, and some might find it a shame to hide it behind an ugly case of plastic. 

There are a number of attractive designs out there, or tie-in merchandise for big Nintendo IP - Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, and the like - with adequate drop protection, if carrying around your console in style is what matters most.

7 best Nintendo Switch carry cases

SHareconn Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

SHareconn Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

Spacious travel case that will keep your hardware protected

EVA hard shell
Plenty of room for most gamers
Limited style options

SHareconn's take on a Switch carry case is the most likely to suit most people's needs.

A mainly black case with red or blue detailing, this hard-shell case is a pretty popular online seller – due to its spacious Joy-Con and accesory storage, slips for ten game cartridges, and a snug inner lining to keep all your kit safe as it should be. All you need to keep your Switch and peripherals protected on your travels, or tidied away from you living room.

It comes with a tempered glass protector bundled in too: a step up from most plastic screen protectors out there, and means you're actually covering up the Switch's screen with a tougher-grade material – it's even fingerprint resistant.

If there simply isn't enough space for you, the slightly larger SHareconn storage box has room for 18 cartridges, the charging dock, charging cable, and Pro controller - with a perfect indent for the Switch to sit in without any fiddly elastic straps.

Orzly Carry Case

Orzly Carry Case

A plain but practical all-round carry case that won't cost the earth

Low price
Great all-rounder
Plain design

You can't go wrong with this Orzly hard-shell carry case for Nintendo Switch. The EVA material makes for great shock absorption, while the inside has plenty of room for the most crucial accessories alongside your Switch. There's space for another two sets of Joy-Cons and your charging cable, though you can obviously use the space as you wish - with slots for eight game cartridges in the cushioned flap in the center.

The Switch itself is tied down with two elastic straps: not the simplest for getting in and out, but certainly reliable for keeping the console tucked in tightly.

The exterior of the case is pretty plain compared to some of the alternatives, but when it comes to colors you do get to pick between black, red, pink, and midnight blue. The plainest black option is cheapest though, at only £11/$12.

Nintendo Switch Everywhere Messenger Bag (Power A)

Nintendo Switch Everywhere Messenger Bag (Power A)

When you can't bear to leave anything at home

Utterly spacious
Less necessary for day-to-day travel

Sometimes you just need to take it all with you. This Power A carry case for Nintendo Switch has enough room for your Switch console, charging dock, charging cable, and Joy-Con grip with two additional Joy-Cons attached - basically everything but the kitchen sink.

There's no dedicated space for game cartridges - only an issue if you're not happy downloading everything - though it's easy enough to slip game cases in amongst the rest of the kit.

There's even an alternative design with a nifty Legend of Zelda logo, if you really want to flout your colors.

Mumba Nintendo Switch Case

Mumba Nintendo Switch Case

A snap-on case for basic protection

Practical and easy to access
Won't take up much space
Limited protection

It may not look much like a carry case, and that's because it isn't - Mumba's case is essentially a snap-on piece of plastic to protect it from hard knocks or falls. 

You won't have to keep opening or zipping up a carry case for this, making it more convenient for starting play sessions or keeping your console protected while you're actually on the move (eyes on the road, please) or at risk tripping over on the street in the middle of an intense game of Super Mario Odyssey.

Dedicated protectionists may want this in addition to a fleshed-out travel case for storage, though keep in mind the added bulk the Mumba case will add onto the console.

HORI Nintendo Switch Pikachu Alumi Case (Gold)

HORI Nintendo Switch Pikachu Alumi Case (Gold)

Shock to the system?

Stunning design
Style over function

This is easily the sharpest-looking Nintendo Switch carry case we've seen. Officially licensed by Nintendo, this Pikachu-themed accessory comes in the form of a gold, metal case featuring everyone's favorite Pokemon.

The metal sheen and gold coloring is enough to sell this in our minds. You might not get the shock absorption of some of the other cases in this list, and you won't fit much in aside from the console itself and five game cartridges, but on looks alone Hori's case warrants a place. The lightning bolt design on the inner lining is pretty neat too.

Nintendo Switch Accessory Set

Nintendo Switch Accessory Set

Best for the most basic needs

The essentials
Limited space

Don't want to overthink it? You can't go wrong with first-party kit, and Nintendo's own Switch accessory bundle has a straightforward soft-shell carry case – with a screen protector to cover up the most important part of the console from scratches.

You'll find this case on most retailers, and Nintendo's own website if you order your Switch from there, and it makes a sensible addition to your console purchase.

Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case (RDS)

Nintendo Switch Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case (RDS)

Snazzy designs for the real fans

Lively designs
Flout your fandom
Only room for console and games

These lightweight hardshell carry cases from RDS are well suited to keeping your console safe, even if you won't fit in much else.

There's space for the main Switch console with both Joy-Cons attached, as well as a mesh pouch for sticking a handful of Switch game cases (rather than dedicated bands to slip each one in).

But the real draw is in the designs, which tie-in to the best-known Nintendo franchises like Splatoon 2, Mario Kart, and either Link or the Sheikah Eye from the Legend of Zelda series. For a basic-needs case that shows off your fandom to your friends, this could be the one for you.