V Rising Whetstone: how to get one and craft a Grinder

V Rising whetstone equipment Forge and Grinder
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The V Rising Whetstones are an important crafting resource early on in your vampiric journey. As with most survival games, getting your hands on the right resources is a huge part of your continued existence in a world. 

Especially early on, finding what you need is imperative to set yourself up for long-term success. That's especially true in V Rising. When you start, the main questline will guide you, and eventually, instruct you to get rid of your early-game wooden barricades and finally build an imposing castle just for yourself. To do that, you're going to need stone bricks, which you can only make with a Grinder.

To make that Grinder, you're going to need four Whetstones along with four Planks made in the Sawmill, and four Copper Ingot forged in the Furnace. Whetstone will undoubtedly be a new resource to you, and it's also the hardest to get in the recipe. 

Don't worry, however – we have you covered. While it's tougher to get, if you know where to look it's not too bad, and eventually, you can craft it. Here's everything you need to know about getting Whetstones.

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V Rising Whetstone

V Rising Whetstone: where to find Whetstones

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If you want to rush creating a Grinder so you can finally start making your castle, your best option will be finding Whetstones rather than crafting them. To do that, you'll need to get ready to fight and pillage some bandits.

Whetstones can be found in bandit camp chests and can drop from bandits themselves. If you open the map, you will see yellow areas; these are camps, and you want to prioritize bandit ones specifically.

Fight your way through once you find one, killing any enemies you might run into, and break boxes and open chests. If you clear the camp, you should find the Whetstones you're after. 

If you'd like a suggestion for a reliable camp I used to get Whetstone, here is a map location you might want to check out.

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V Rising Whetstone: how to craft Whetstones

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While you likely won't be crafting Whetstones for your first Grinder, eventually you're going to want a way to generate these yourself without having to murder a bunch of bandits.

To do that, you're going to want to kill Grayson, the Armourer. Grayson's one of the game's bosses, but he's no pushover. He's level 27, meaning you'll have to get through a decent amount of armor and weapon upgrades to be able to step to him. To find him, head over to your Blood Altar and select his silhouette. This will guide you to where he's located on the map.

If you can find and best him, you'll gain the ability to craft Whetstone. Once you have the recipe, you just need to place Stone Dust and Copper Ingots into the Furnace. 

That's about everything you need to know about procuring Whetstones. Once you have them, you can start creating your Stone Bricks, which will be a major step towards setting up your castle where you can start to build your vampiric empire. 

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