FIFA 20 Volta tips: how to master FIFA's new street mode

Street-style soccer

FIFA 20 Volta
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The most bold addition in years to the FIFA franchise has to be the inclusion of Volta Soccer in FIFA 20, a brand-new game mode that's basically FIFA Street with the rough edges sanded down.

There are still some rules, like spot-kicks for fouls, and a designated playstyle with no walls, which allows for the inclusion of throw-ins. Beyond that, there are barely any rules, and it’s all about embarrassing your opponent and scoring goals that are worth shouting about.

It’s fast, frenetic and perfect for couch co-op – but how do you get good at it? In this guide, we’re going to run through some general tips to help you master Volta Soccer. 

Jockey to intercept

Fifa 20

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Easily the most crucial tip in this list, holding L2/LT + R2/RT when you’re not in control of the ball will make your player jockeys the ball, which basically entails crab-walking and strafing from left to right. What you want to do is get in between the opposing team’s players while jockeying, so that you can intercept the ball.

Tackling in Volta feels very ruthless and risky, and one strong-arm can lead to a mistake and a goal; by jockeying you'll be able to defend without physical contact, and minimize goal-scoring opportunities for opponents. 

Use your environment 

Fifa 20

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It's when you’re playing the ultimate version of Volta, with teams of three against three in a caged arena, that the fun really starts, but having played online for a good number of hours, we’ve noticed that many players don’t use the environment to their advantage.

Whether it’s a hard pass, a cross or a deadly through-ball, you can bounce the ball off the cage to make it rebound towards another player. This results in some of Volta’s finest moments, as you volley away an undefendable cross into the box. Make sure to kick against the cage often, especially if you’re being out-defended and pushed into a corner. 

Avoid powered shots

Fifa 20

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Another thing to note when playing Volta is that the goals are lower than usual, especially in the more claustrophobic matchups. This means that shooting is made more difficult, especially if you’re adding elevation to the ball. Only tap Circle/B when you’re shooting, and perhaps consider holding LT/L2 or R1/RB to drive or finesse the shot and keep it at ground level.

Also note that you can pass the ball into the net, or run it in if you’re feeling extra cheeky. Volta matches can be over quickly, so don’t be too hasty!

Be ambitious with skill

Fifa 20

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You can play Volta without using skill, but there’s no reason to, especially when it elevates the experience a great deal. Study the skill moves menu, and learn some basic chops and stepovers to outsmart your opponent. Bear in mind that in Volta, you'll automatically use skill moves if holding the triggers as you play, so it may come quite naturally.

One cool feature of Volta is quick juggling, where you can click the right stick to flick the ball up in the air and juggle it down the pitch. Scoring a goal in this way is incredibly rewarding – and most importantly will deeply embarrass your opponent. 

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