Tekken 8 ranked match data is being investigated after reports of players cheating

Tekken 8
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Tekken 8 has a furiously competitive online scene, and ranked matches are one of the main appeals to players, including ones with less-than-savory intentions.

Data from players online is automatically saved and uploaded to your profile, allowing any player to access the replay of a match. This was implemented as a way for players to re-visit matches and see what they could've done better, or how to work toward a better outcome. But, when accessing the ranked match replays of some of the top players, it's become apparent that cheating is taking place.

Rather than the top matches featuring a tense fight, the replays in some top-ranked matches show a character standing still while the other player repeatedly hits the same combo. Unfortunately, a win is a win in Tekken, and this will help you rapidly climb the ranks, especially if you're playing against the same person.

However, due to the amount of players who have noticed this pattern and reported the accounts for cheating, they are now being investigated by the team. Katsuhiro Harada, Tekken 8's game director, posted an update to Twitter with a statement about what will happen should players be caught cheating. The full statement can be seen below:

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This method of 'cheating' is referred to as boosting, and is usually used as a way to rank up low-level players quickly. Usually, it's harder to know when a player has been boosted, but with the ability to now watch replays of online player matches, there isn't much to hide behind. 

Should the top-ranked players be found guilty of cheating, a warning will be issued alongside data being reset and potential account suspension. More updates on the investigation are expected to follow, but hopefully, an appropriate warning will be issued to those players trying to out-rank the hard work everyone else has put in. 

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