Hamilton Simulator is real, and it's available to play right now on Roblox

Hamilton comes to Roblox
(Image credit: Roblox / Super League)

A new way to experience Hamilton is coming to Roblox.

No, that's not a typo. Or even a fever dream. Hamilton Simulator – yes, really – drops players in the world of Revolutionary War-era New York, bringing the various locations of the musical to life to be explored.

Expect interactive puzzles and history-themed activities, all set to the music of Hamilton, of course. You can check it out in the wonderful teaser below:

In Hamilton Simulator, you'll recruit a squad from your favorite Hamilton characters and take your shot as you traverse 10 worlds, all of which should be very familiar to fans of the musical. 

"You’ll dispatch foes through rap battles, using each character's unique style to put together the perfect harmony for every battle," developer Super League teases. "Featuring music from the Tony award-winning musical, Hamilton on Roblox provides a fun adventure for new and old fans alike."

“A once-in-a-generation cultural touchstone, Hamilton has expanded horizons and entertained legions of global fans, and now will be introduced to the massive global audience in the immersive world on Roblox,” said Matt Edelman, president and CCO for Super League. 

“We are grateful to the creators for allowing us to bring the music and majesty of Hamilton to an engaged and passionate community on such a powerful platform.”

Earlier this week, Gameforge and 01Studio revealed exclusively to TRG that they are teaming up to bring a new accessible sandbox game creation platform to players and developers: Cubio

As Elie reported for us at the time, much like the larger sandbox platform Roblox, 01Studio seeks to make Cubio's services as accessible as possible. 

This new "intuitive creator mode" will have a blueprint system based on the Unity engine, so new developers don't need to have any prior experience with coding, opening the doors for budding developers and providing experienced devs a place to realize new ideas and test creations, too.

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