First teaser for Hideo Kojima’s new horror game OD revealed

Sophia Lillis in the OD game teaser at The Game Awards.
(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

If you tuned into The Game Awards 2023 hoping for some nightmare fuel, then Hideo Kojima has you covered with the first teaser for his upcoming horror game OD

The game is set to star Sophia Lillis, Udo Kier, Hunter Schaffer, although we don’t currently know what roles they’ll take in it. In fact, we frankly know very little about the premise, genre, or literally anything else aside from the fact that it’s apparently going to be be far more than just a game. 

“It is a game, don't get me wrong, it's also a movie, and at the same time a new form of media,” Kojima explained on stage.  

Furthermore, in a press release shared on the Kojima Productions website, Kojima stated that OD will be a “totally new style of game,” which is being developed alongside Xbox Game Studios, using its cloud gaming technology. 

Also working on the project is filmmaker Jordan Peele, who directed, wrote, and produced 2022’s sci-fi horror film Nope, as well as the 2019 horror movie Us. He will be “one of several talented storytellers involved in the project.”

This isn’t the only game that Kojima has cooking at the moment. Kojima Productions’ Death Stranding 2 was announced at The Game Awards 2022, but we still know very little about it, and with no further news announced at this year’s event, it looks like fans will have to hang on for a while longer.

Unfortunately for anyone looking forward to OD, no release date or platforms have been announced at the time of writing, adding to the overall mystery of the title. For now, prospective players will just have to stay tuned for more information.

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Catherine Lewis
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