Spider-haters rejoice: craft-'em-up Nightingale will have an arachnophobia mode

A bucolic landscape in Nightingale
(Image credit: Inflexion Games)

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Speaking directly to the devs of upcoming craft-'em-up survival game Nightingale, TRG can confirm that the game will feature an Arachnophobia Mode, removing all spiders from the game.

Nightingale is set in a Victorian-inspired alternate future with up to six players at a time jumping from fantasy realm to fantasy realm battling beasties and gathering loot.

There's no word on whether these spiders will also be Victorian-themed, rocking jaunty little bonnets, petticoats, or corsets as they try to devour you. It doesn't matter though, because during a press demo, it was confirmed to TRG that Inflexion Games will merely allow you to not perceive them. 

This feature, the developers explain, is one of the top-requested features that came from community feedback  - however, it wasn't revealed how exactly it would be implemented or appear in the game.

As a reminder of more about the game, check out the new trailer during this week's Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023 event below.

Nightingale is an open-world survival and crafting game that will immerse players in those aforementioned Victorian-themed mysterious environments in a land called Fae. Here, players will journey to “the last known bastion of humanity” - the city of Nightingale. Playing as a Realmwalker, players will have to navigate arcane portals spread across a land full of mystery, otherworldly horrors, and weird and wonderful beasts.

The game is also coming to early access in a matter of months as spelled out by Aaryn Flynn, CEO of developer Inflexion Games: “After years of dedicated work from the team, we are thrilled to announce that Nightingale will enter early access on February 22, 2024", he said. Continuing to take in community feedback as mentioned above, and mirroring the success of other games to have gone into early access for periods of time, no less than Baldur's Gate 3, this confirms the importance of the game's community and the information it provides to the devs, and seems pivotal in Nightingale's journey to its full release.

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