Roblox wants employees back in the office three days a week - and will pay severance to those who can't relocate

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The CEO and co-founder of Roblox Corporation, David Baszucki, has announced to employees that many remote staff members will soon be required to work in the company’s office three days a week, and they’ll be paid severance if they can’t relocate.

In a post shared on the Roblox website yesterday (October 17) and highlighted by, Baszucki stated that the decision had been “extremely difficult” to make. He explained that despite the company’s move to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, he found that after employees started returning to the office again, “we’ve seen how much we can accomplish, how far we can push innovation, and how being together strengthens our culture”. 

“For many of us, ‘Zoom fatigue’ is real,” Baszucki said. “A three-hour Group Review in person is much less exhausting than over video and brainstorming sessions are more fluid and creative. While I’m confident we will get to a point where virtual workspaces are as engaging, collaborative, and productive as physical spaces, we aren’t there yet.”

He noted that not all remote employees will be required to return to the San Mateo office - those in roles that are required to work at home (for example, call center hires), and people with “niche skill sets or significant institutional knowledge” will be exempt. However, those affected have three months - specifically, until January 16, 2024 - to decide if they’re willing to work three days a week in office as of July 15, 2024. The company will “assist with relocation costs”, but it’s not clear how much help will be provided here.

Those who can’t relocate will continue working until April 15, 2024 while they “transition out of their roles as full time employees”. In addition, anyone who departs the company will be given a severance package (based on their level and term of service), as well as sixth months of healthcare coverage “for everyone on their policies”. 

Baszucki is firm in his belief that “this is the right decision for Roblox”, but recognizes that it “may create challenges for some of our employees”. 

“Regardless of what our remote employees decide, please know that we deeply appreciate the hard work and impact each of you has had at Roblox,” he said.

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