Mojang 'won't be releasing any new content' for Minecraft Legends but players can get one last freebie

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Development on Minecraft Legends will be drawing to a close shortly, but that doesn't mean the fun stops entirely.

After nine months, Mojang announced that the latest update for Minecraft Legends will be its last as the dev team looks to focus elsewhere. Luckily for those still playing the real-time action-strategy game, there will still be PvP and co-op to enjoy. 

"With that complete, we're now going to take a step back from development," Mojang said in a blog post. "We'll continue having a blast playing the game alongside our community because those rowdy piglins are showing no signs of slowing down.

"We will, of course, continue to offer technical support to players, and we won’t be removing any functionalities or features from the game. PvP and co-op will also remain fully functional, so you can continue playing whether you prefer to take on the piglins by yourself or battle alongside (or against) friends."

There's also a chance for continuing players to grab an extra freebie as a goodbye present. The Bright-Eyed Hero skin is available for all existing players, and you can currently claim it on the Minecraft Legends Marketplace. 

"Thank you for following along this heroic journey and helping us make Minecraft Legends the game it is today. With the support of our team, our partners, and the Minecraft community, we’re going to continue exploring the types of games we're passionate about and bringing new experiences to the Minecraft universe."

While it's sad to see this strategy game die a slow death, it's exciting to know that the team at Mojang is still looking for new ways to bring Minecraft to the masses.

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