Exoprimal could get the Dino Crisis collab you've been craving

(Image credit: Capcom)

Multiplayer dinosaur slayer, Exoprimal could receive Dino Crisis series crossover content if enough players demand it.

Exoprimal director Takuro Hiraoka, in an interview with Siliconera, responded to the question of if the game will ever feature Dino Crisis content, referencing Exoprimal's AI antagonist: "Leviathan is the type of entity that will go to any means to collect a variety of useful combat data. If there’s enough demand from players, Leviathan very well could make this a reality." (thanks, VGC)

Exoprimal is set to enjoy a range of Capcom-themed collabs throughout 2023. The game's next season is to feature Street Fighter 6 costumes. Season 3, meanwhile, will bring the Monster Hunter series into the fold, which certainly makes more sense than most other Capcom franchises.

Director Hiraoka also seems keen to feature other popular Capcom franchises. "I think it would be a lot of fun to have a collaboration with the Mega Man series, which I’ve been playing since my younger days," he tells Siliconera. "The idea of going head-to-head with monsters from the fantasy world of the Dragon’s Dogma series personally excites me as well."

I personally think a Dino Crisis collaboration will happen in Exoprimal eventually. The unique PS1 horror game and its action-heavy sequel are some of the console's most beloved games. The demand for a series return has been strong, with many wanting a remake of that tense, claustrophobic original.

Whether we get Dino Crisis content or not in Exoprimal, the sound of the other collabs does sound enticing. I'd love to encounter Monster Hunter's Rathalos or Deviljho in a themed boss encounter. Dragon's Dogma's colossally intimidating dragon would also make for an intense multiplayer spectacle.

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