It's official — Valve is selling refurbished Steam Decks and they're 25% cheaper

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Just recently, leaked data on the Steam Database briefly featured pricing and information on refurbished Steam Decks, before Valve took down everything. But today the manufacturer has officially unveiled the program on its site.

The site details how the refurbishing program works, as well as pricing and other info. And just as was reported before, you can save 25% off MSRP when purchasing a Steam Deck this way. Pricing, as was noted in the leaked page, is about the same as the new models during the Steam Deck’s first-ever sale, with the 64GB version priced at $319, the 256GB version at $419, and the 512GB version at $519.

It also comes with the same one-year warranty that the standard Steam Deck has, along with the carry case and power supplies of new models. Also, according to the site, refurbished Decks are extensively tested and repaired including a “complete factory reset, software update, and an extensive examination involving over 100 tests at one of Valve's facilities.”

Currently, the cheapest model is sold out, though that’s the model you should be avoiding if you’re serious about investing in a proper portable gaming machine or an emulating, game-preserving savant. Thankfully the other two models are available for now, but Valve stated on its Twitter account that supplies would be limited, so “expect these to come in and out of stock as available.”

And since Steam partnered with iFixit, buyers can easily repair any potential issues with ease and with the official support of Valve.

A great move from Valve 

One of the biggest concerns after the Steam Deck refurbish program leaked was whether Valve was committed to the idea or was it simply a rejected concept. If it turned out to be the latter, it would have been quite a shame considering how much money Valve would have missed out on not forerunning the refurbishment market.

Valve selling refurbished Decks is not only a solid plan financially, but it’s a great way to maintain quality control. While the third-party used and refurbished console market has been thriving for decades, it can be wildly inconsistent by nature in terms of pricing, quality, and warranty coverage.

The 25% pricing was an excellent move on Valve's part, making the refurbished versions that much more appealing for buyers on a budget who might be turned off by the normal price tag. It's especially great for the cheapest model, making the Deck a very appealing portable machine for those who simply want to play low-end indie titles that don't require much storage.

But having Valve’s backing on all three fronts will make this a much safer and more consistent endeavor. Hopefully, supplies will be able to at least somewhat cater to consumer demand.

Allisa James
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