Best GTA V mods to see you through until GTA VI drops on PC

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Since being released in April 2015, Grand Theft Auto V’s modding community continues to thrive with hundreds of diverse mods. Some of these changes range from new vehicles and characters to complete visual overhauls. Though developer Rockstar never initially designed the game for mod support, users have relied on various programs alongside tools in order to make changes within the open-world crime adventure set in San Andreas. 

Add the Rockstar Editor into the mix and the amount of GTAV related video content that’s been created over the years has been nothing short of astounding.  Players interested in learning about how to install mods can check out this handy guide from PC Gamer

Be mindful that Rockstar doesn’t mind mods as long as gamers stick to the single player campaign. Anything done to its million dollar a day making GTA Online could come with some potentially serious consequences. 

This includes the possibility of being banned. With that being said, be mindful that some mods come with built-in options to be deactivated while some do not. Be sure to exercise caution when selecting and installing modes if gamers plan on switching between the single-player campaign and GTA Online. 

Considering there are so many mods for GTAV out there in the world, we’ve decided to provide some of our favorite available mods for the game as successor GTAVI starting to permeate into the public conscious. 

Photorealism Graphics

Despite the PS5 and Xbox Series X providing top tier graphical updates, the PC version feels stuck in the PS4/Xbox One era while lacking modern tech like ray tracing. This photorealism mod created by GameSource brings GTAV’s single-player campaign beyond current console generation limitations. 

Available through GameSource’s Patreon page for around $10, users will get everything from 4K textures to Ray Tracing capabilities and a more detailed world. To get that, users are going to have to download the Reshade Pack alongside Lively World Expansion. 

Though many modders in the GTAV community lean more toward the Natural Vision mods, the Reshade Pack and Lively World Expansion are definitely less complicated. 

Real California Architecture

The world of San Andreas was clearly modeled after Southern California. Rockstar’s tongue-in-cheek take on classic landmarks are comical for sure, but those who want a more realistic take on Los Angeles county can use the Real California Archetecture mod. 

It transforms the game with an array of authentic details. From freeway signs to iconic landmarks like the Santa Monica Pier and Hollywood Sign, it includes real interstates, city-specific props, and recognizable locations, providing a true-to-life California experience within the virtual world of GTAV.

Vehicle Mods 

Rockstar games has done a great job of creating fictional automotive companies and vehicles. From sports cars to motorbikes, they all have various characteristics. Now, players have managed to re-create real-life vehicles in the world of GTAV. From Nissan GTRs to Ford Mustangs, there’s a little something for everyone through this mods. Anyone who follows various GTAV related car accounts know that these are perfect for also attempting to create incredible wild stunts. For added measure, a lot of these vehicle mods not only come with the actual car model but engine sounds as well. 

Mobile & Streaming Radio Mods 

Most recently, Cyberpunk 2077’s last update featured an ability to use the various radio stations outside of the vehicle. The GTA series set various standards for in-game soundtracks and GTAV also featured various radio station add on over the past decades since its release. For those who want music as they walk through San Andreas, they can utilize this mod that allows to do so. If players want to take things beyond that, there is a special mod that allows the usage of Spotify while playing GTAV. Players will also need a Spotify Premium account and a dedicated playlist to do so. 

The Simple Zombies Mod 

Rockstar, known for the Undead Nightmare DLC in Red Dead Redemption, hasn't explored zombies in GTA. However, a mod called Simple Zombies transforms GTA V into a zombie survival game. Players navigate a zombie-infested Los Santos, building shelters, managing resources, and recruiting survivors for a thrilling and occasionally terrifying experience. This mod satiates the appetite for undead action since Rockstar's last venture into zombie gaming in 2010. 

 Home Invasion Mod 

 In various GTA missions throughout the series, players engage in home invasions and robberies. This Grand Theft Auto V mod takes that concept to an absurd extreme, allowing armed robbery of Los Santos residents. Some homeowners will fight back, leading to potential altercations. The mod offers seven house categories, including mansions, introducing the novel option of breaking into residential properties.  

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