Get ready for ink: Here's how Epson is revolutionising inkjet printing

Epson Econtank printer on a table
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The last few years have been challenging for businesses and workers all over the world. The pandemic has forced many to reevaluate their working patterns and habits, with the end result being millions of workers opting for hybrid working and permanently working from home.

With this new hybrid regime now a firm fixture of our global working fabric, it’s becoming increasingly important that everyone embracing it has the proper equipment at home, and a printer is a must. 

Printers need to be simple, reliable and affordable to run and Epson is empowering users to choose how they want to pay for their ink. One can buy ink cartridges should they choose to do so, but two new ways of printing have emerged recently. 

ReadyPrint is all about flexibility 

ReadyPrint Flex is an ink-only subscription scheme that charges you only on a per-page basis, regardless of the amount of ink you use on one page. It eliminates the need for buying new cartridges outright. Think printing-as-a-service; it’s great value for money when printing photos or heavy-print graphics, as these use more ink, but also for day to day and ad-hoc printing requirements. With prices as low as 3.3p per page, ReadyPrint Flex represents exceptional value for money and members can swap between ink plans seamlessly, depending on usage.

What’s more is that new ink cartridges are automatically delivered to your door before the old one runs out and you can even recycle your empty cartridges for free. You can roll over unused pages for two months and extra pages cost as little as 3p.

Save money with EcoTank 

EcoTank goes a step further and bundles the equivalent of up to 72 cartridges in one set of inks with your printer. Unlike previous generations’ continuous ink systems, Epson’s proprietary technology is a hassle-free ink tank system with easy mess-free refills, key-lock bottles and front-facing tanks. Refilling has never been so easy.

The price of the EcoTank ink refills are also far cheaper than your normal ink cartridges. No wonder Epson claims you can save up to 90% off traditional cartridge-based printing costs when you switch to EcoTank.

Go further with ReadyPrint EcoTank 

Beyond the financial benefits, ReadyPrint and EcoTank are central in Epson’s plans to build on its already stellar position in the print industry and position itself as leading the pursuit towards sustainable, innovative technology in print. While EcoTank technology reduces the footprint of recycling consumables and minimises the time and hassle spent replenishing your printer ink from a store or online, ReadyPrint eliminates the need to buy new ink thanks to its automatic delivery of ink once you’ve run out. 

Professionals can go even further by combining the benefits of ReadyPrint and EcoTank, particularly if monthly print volumes go beyond one standard ream of paper. The printing quota of ReadyPrint Ecotank’s highest plan is a whopping 3,000 A4 pages per month, which makes it particularly enticing for those working in accounting, legal, media or creative industries.

Epson EcoTank: Do more with less

Epson EcoTank: Do more with less
Buy the EcoTank ET-2850 for Currys PC World for just £249 and get enough ink to print up to 14,000 pages in monochrome and up to 6,000 colour pages. Great for those looking to reduce their running costs

Ideal for home workers, the ET-2850 does automatic duplex printing while the ET-4800 has an Ethernet port, fax capabilities and an automatic document feeder. As for the ET-4850, it offers all these features plus has a bigger 250-sheet paper tray.

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