Five essential functions of a standing desk

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Standing desks have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their numerous health and productivity benefits. 

These desks, which allow the user to work while standing, offer a range of functions that make them more convenient and comfortable to use. Some of the essential functions of a standing desk include the ability to adjust the height, memory presets for easy height adjustments, a suitable load capacity, an anti-collision system to prevent injuries, and stability to maintain focus and comfort while working. 

In addition to these core functions, standing desks may also feature aesthetic design, USB ports and wireless charging capabilities, and the ability to be anchored to the floor or wall for added stability. Flexispot, a company that produces standing desks, aims to provide users with desks that have all of these features and more.

We spoke to Haaris Ross, Product Manager at Flexispot, discusses the essential functions of a standing desk and the features his team incorporates into their designs.

1. Height adjustable

A standing desk is a type of workspace furniture that allows the user to change its height. This feature is usually achieved using an electric motor instead of manual systems such as levers or cranks. Height-adjustable standing desks are essential for people who want to use them because they can easily be customized according to each individual's preferences and needs making them more aesthetic.

2. Memory presets

Memory presets are a key function of a standing desk because they allow the user to quickly and easily adjust the height of the desk to their preferred setting. With memory presets, the user can save the height of the desk that is most comfortable for them and then simply press a button to automatically adjust the desk to that height.

3. Suitable load capacity

One of the essential functions of a standing desk is its load capacity. This refers to the maximum weight that the desk can hold without collapsing or losing stability.

4. Anti-collision system

An anti-collision system is an essential function of a standing desk. This system helps prevent injuries that can occur when two objects collide with each other, such as a desk and a chair or another person.

5. Stability

Stability is one of the essential functions of a standing desk. You are naturally more engaged and focused on your work when you stand while working. This can help reduce distractions and increase productivity. But your desk needs to be stable to maintain this focus and stay comfortable.

What else should we focus on?

1. Aesthetics

Designed in an easy-to-use fashion, our desks have proved to be highly effective in the workspace, and with technologically advanced features (that are unseen in conventional desks), these desks have a unique look and are evidently advantageous for workers – making them arguably the most aesthetic desks around. 

Additionally, our desks can be appropriately weighted and anchored to the floor or wall. This will help prevent it from tipping or sliding out of place, even when you are using the desk in an energetic position. 

2. USB ports and wireless charging

To further improve the whole experience with the standing desk you purchase from our website, we have also included super innovative features such as USB ports and wireless charging capabilities etc. 

These features make it easier to stay connected and powered up, even while standing. This means that our desks at Flexispot can be leveraged regardless of where you work from; whether it’s a home workspace or an office!

Product Manager, Flexispot

Haaris Ross is the Product Manager at Flexispot

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