5 things to look for in your next ransomware protection solution

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Ransomware attacks can affect everyone from individuals to business owners and even large corporations and they show no sign of becoming any less prevalent. However, thanks to increasingly powerful security software solutions being available, life is becoming harder for the cybercriminal community. With a sizeable not to mention potent range of software options out there, it has never been easier, or more cost effective to beef up your ransomware protection.

Any kind of ransomware protection needs to work hand in hand with other systems though, including the likes of cloud backup services and network security operations. Even if you’re an individual that has a relatively simple computing setup to keep safe from malware and ransomware attacks, it’s still vital to have measures in place that can help safeguard your data. After all, people are fallible and can often fall foul of spurious emails, URLs and other online temptations that can catch them out – which is exactly what ransomware threats set out to do.

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One: Get the latest edition

Even if you’ve got the latest firewall and cybersecurity software in place it’s always a good idea to review your practices and packages as time goes on. Cybercrime isn't a static thing and criminals are forever looking for new ways to exploit any vulnerability in software, systems and people. It’s therefore essential to ensure that you have the latest ransomware protection system in place, which will be bang up to date when it comes to fending off the effects of malware practices.

While it can be tempting to cut corners, you’ll want to ensure that you’re using the very latest software to combat new or expanding threats. Similarly, be sure to invest in a modern backup system, which will often feature ransomware protection that updates dynamically. That way, you’ll know you’re covered from anything happening right now, as well as keeping tabs on retrospective threats that might have evolved over time.

Two: factor in the features

If you’re looking to take control over ransomware attacks then it’s vital to arm yourself with software and systems that can offer complete protection if at all possible. Remember, it isn't just about protecting yourself from malware attacks; more, it is a case of looking for a well-rounded security solution. What that means is you should consider firewalls and the ability to carry out endpoint scanning and filtering. You’ll also want to be able to carry out network traffic analysis too.

On top of that, it's vital to be able to enjoy web filtering, use intrusion detection systems and have robust email security filtering measures in place. You should also considering employing VPNs to beef up security – even more so if you’ve got employees on board, alongside nailing down the use of Remote Desktop Protocol wherever possible in order to minimize this common entrance route for ransomware attacks by cybercriminals.

Three: patch frequently

If you or your company strategy is a little lackadaisical when it comes to installing patches for software and system weaknesses then having a solution that can help is a must. If you’re looking for a complete ransomware solution then knowing that you have spent money on a system that can keep things patched and as up-to-date as possible will be money well spent. If you decide not to bother, it could mean that cybercriminals will soon be able to exploit weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

You’ll also want to ensure that you have a similarly efficient backup system in place too, which can often be used to mitigate ongoing risks and prevent upheaval of your systems and resources. Having a cloud solution in operation, where it won’t be subject to other perhaps more vulnerable aspects of your systems, means you’ll be able to rest much easier. Naturally, you’ll want ransomware protection that backs up very frequently too, just in case there is a security breach from a new or unknown threat.

Four: find a complete solution

Streamlining your approach to security can also help beat off attacks and threats from cybercriminals. Therefore, if you’re on the lookout for a ransomware protection solution try and find one that offers a wide range of tools. You’ll soon discover that many of the best antivirus software and anti-malware software can frequently have tools to fight ransomware already built in. Therefore, investing in a package or comprehensive suite of tools could deliver a much more complete solution.

Combine a robust all-in-one package with the ability to integrate with a reputable cloud storage solution and you should be able to keep all bases covered. In fact, finding a ransomware protection solution that allows you to do all of these things within one bundle can also streamline workflow and make everyday working more efficient too. Being able to manage your ransomware protection centrally, especially if you have employees to consider can be a very sensible approach to take.

Five: keep it reputable

While it might be tempting to cut corners, especially when there are free or freemium options to consider, expect to pay a little more for your next ransomware protection solution. It really is worth opting for a reputable brand, with a tried and trusted history, to help secure your files, folders and other data. Siding with a recognised brand should mean that you get access to all of the biggest and best ransomware protection features.

Lookout for the likes of antivirus protection with, ideally, a firewall already in place for good measure. You’ll also want the ability to carry out those regular backups to ensure there’s protection in place, just in case malware does get into your system. Be sure that there’s the provision for updating as often as possible, where any software security gaps get plugged rapidly and where out-of-date applications are revised as soon as there is a newer, less vulnerable edition available.

Above all, you’ll want to have ransomware protection that can quickly track down or weed out anything unusual as well as being able to spot strange behavior or anomalies in a system. On top of all that, any decent ransomware protection should help to reduce the threat of being subjected to spam, so it’s well worth keeping powerful anti-spam features and functionality at the top of your shopping list too.

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