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Plextor PX-128M2S review

Can this second generation SSD drive hold its own in a crowded market?

Plextor PX-128M2S
Shock resistance is excellent, as we discovered. Ahem

Our Verdict

A good step up from the first family of SSD drives, but still not the best


  • Sequential read performance
  • 6Gbps interface


  • Overall performance isn't consistent across the board
  • It's a bit pricey

Plextor is not normally a name you'd associate with super-fast solid state drives, but here it is with its first SATA 6Gbps drive, the Plextor PX-128M2S.

Plextor's branched out from fast performing technology and internal and external optical drives into the non-optical storage market, with external hard drives and NAS devices. In early 2010 it launched its first generation of SSD drives, the PX-M1 series, dipping its toe into the crowded water of the SSD market.

Now Plextor's back with its second generation of drives, the PX-M2 series, featuring uprated controllers and a SATA 6Gbps interface.

There are three drives in the series: the 64GB model PX-64M2S, with sequential reads of 370MB/s and writes of 110MB/s; the drive we were sent to review, the 128GB PX-128M2S, with 420MB/s and 210MB/s sequential read and writes respectively; and the flagship 250GB drive, the PX-256M2S with sequential reads of 480MB/s and writes of 310MB/s.

As with the Intel 510 series drive, Plextor uses a Marvel 88S9174-BKK2 6Gbps controller in its second generation PX-M2 series and, as we noted before, they're not the only two.

The controller is also found in Corsair's Performance 3 drives and Crucial's C300 drive, among others.