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Fujitsu HandyDrive review

A dinky little storage device for when you're on the move

The HandyDrive is a sleek looking device


  • Quick transfer speeds
  • Discreet
  • Sleek design


  • Access times can be quite slow

Storage prices are falling through the floor and capacities are reaching right up into the infinite.

Well, not quite, but with a 300GB external 2.5-inch drive your on-the-road storage needs are pretty much catered for.

Small and speedy

The HandyDrive is a sleek looking device whose shiny finish is going to be smeared with human grease the instant you lift the protective wrapping from its surface.

But we're not that bothered about the visuals, we just want to be able to access reams of data on the move. And with this USB-powered drive jammed into your laptop, you'll be laughing.

The transfer speeds are pretty decent, only falling five seconds behind the high-speed OCZ ATV Turbo with a 1GB folder transit.

The random access times are slower, but chances are you won't be running HD-intensive programs from the drive anyway.

It's a solid, storage-stuffed drive that'll be a happy accompaniment to your laptop.