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Freecom Hard Drive Pro review

This 500GB offering is one cheap eSATA drive

There’s a great software bundle that accompanies this fully featured drive

Our Verdict

A great budget option


  • Dual USB and eSATA interfaces
  • Good price
  • Strong build


  • Lack of larger storage options

Having gone to the trouble of fitting both eSATA and USB connections to this hard drive, Freecom has evidently decided to keep the cost down by cutting back on the capacity. Whereas many competing manufacturersare shipping 750GB or 1TB options, you can currently only purchase this drive in 400GB or 500GB editions. We went for the 500GB model, which packs plenty of punch at the price.

The Pro has a tough, heat-dissipating aluminium case. However, the drive also requires a built-in cooling fan. Even so, it's very quiet in operation and unobtrusive, especially as the heat sensors and temperature control system mean that the fan is switched off or to a low speed setting almost all of the time.

Buttoned up

As well as a main power on-off button on the front panel, there's also a handy Sync button, which you can use to synchronise data between the hard drive and your PC, or a network that you're connected to. Going a step further, you're provided with all the Freecom Media Suite software, plus the addition of Acronis True Image 8 in the bundle, which you can use for making complete back-up images of your internal hard drives.

This Freecom solution certainly doesn't have the biggest capacity, but considering the price it more than makes up for this shortcoming with its wide-ranging software bundle and dual USB and eSATA interfaces.