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Evesham External 2.5in HDD 100GB review

High capacity but can the transfer speeds cope?

The device is lighter and less bulky than a 3.5in equivalent

Our Verdict

A very good portable hard drive, but hampered by slow transfer speeds


  • Pleasingly attractive looks


  • Transfer speeds leave a lot to be desired

Whenever a need to back up data arises, you can plug an external drive such as this into a spare USB port, and move your data quickly.

You don't have to hunt for a spare power socket and the device is lighter and less bulky than a 3.5in equivalent. Our testing software lives on such a device, and our hardware testers would find their tasks more difficult without it.

Evesham's 100GB drive ticks all these boxes, and offers a capacity greater than many similar products, although being 2.5in it has far less bang for your buck than 3.5in internal drives. Still, Evesham hasn't created a visual monstrosity; it has a shiny metallic case with a blue activity LED on the front.

Sadly, the transfer speeds weren't great, letting down what would otherwise be a superb hard drive. However, all 2.5in disks spin at a slower rate than their larger relatives, so this to be expected - bear this in mind when buying.