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Iomega Storcenter review

A compact and effective NAS solution

Its two drives are enclosed in a simple, understated solid metal body

Our Verdict

A fast and effective NAS device that's well designed too


  • Compact
  • Great configuration program


  • Quite noisy

The Storcenter is beautifully compact, enclosing its two drives in a simple, understated solid metal body.

There's support for Gigabit Ethernet, RAID 1 and 0 and uPnP for media streaming, as well as two USB sockets for networking a printer. Disk noise during read/write operations is reasonably high due to the sound resounding through the metal body, but is really only noticeable due to the internal fan's silence.

There's no web interface, so before the drive can be used, Iomega's discovery software needs to be installed on one computer. It's one of the simplest configuration programs we've seen, requiring a single click to locate the disk and map it as a drive in My Computer.

The package installs Automatic Backup Pro, giving file or drive scheduled backup. 1GB of data took two and a half minutes to copy due to the fast gigabit connection, and streaming hi-def video (via a uPnP media streamer) ran over Ethernet.