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TechRadar's Brain Food

Each Saturday, we'll give you links to the reading the TechRadar team has found interesting this week. Enjoy, and add your own below!

How the next Kindle could save the newspaper business

(Wired) The current wisdom is that newspapers are done for, because of the web, because of Google, and so on. This makes a pretty interesting contrarian case. We're not totally convinced yet but the idea that there's more to the ebook than meets the eye is starting to look credible.

Why text messages are limited to 160 characters

(LA Times) Ever wondered why Twitter is limited to 160 characters? Meet the guy who invented the standard, and the science behind it. Nice piece of insight.

NASA should abandon its problem-plagued Ares I rocket

(New Scientist) NASA is having problems with the rocket that underpins the next generation moon mission. For experienced NASA watchers, it's a familiar tale of questionable engineering choices, mission creep, cost overruns and a sinking feeling. This article explains why NASA needs to get real.

Dean Kamen: New prosthetic arm for veterans

(TED) This is an older video, but see the state of the art in prosthetic arms here. It is absolutely staggering. Dean Kamen is the guy behind the Segway but don't let that put you off.