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TechRadar rolls out improved site search

Our news search in all its glory
Our news search in all its glory

TechRadar has rolled out a new more powerful site search facility, which dramatically improves the speed and accuracy of our search results, as well as making keyword searching far easier.

Accessible via the site search box in the top right hand corner, it enables users to quickly return keyword matches across news, reviews and blogs by entering keyword or keyphrase-based queries in the usual manner.

What's new is that Google type advanced search parameters are now supported: for example, quote marks around a search phrase returns an exact match for that phrase, a minus sign before a search term excludes it, and so on.

Plus the search interface has been overhauled to make searching and formatting results as easy as possible.

We'll be rolling out further improvements over the next few weeks, including tags, advanced search operators, as well as full integration with our product finder, so watch this space.

In the meantime, why not give it a go right now and let us know how we can improve it further, below.