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Prepare yourself for Glass with this cool simulator

Google Glass Sim
Is this what using Glass is like?

With the Explorer edition of Google Glass only available to US developers who attended Google IO last year, there's plenty of geek anticipation for a consumer version of the connected eyewear.

To try and numb the pain of waiting, Mutual Mobile has created the Glass Sim, a simple collection of templates that allows you to create an image that represents what your life might be like when you manage to get your hands on Glass.

The template is incredibly simple to use, letting you upload a photos or capture from your computer's webcam, and select from some pre-formatted message types to create your Glass-like experience

Of course, unless you manage to stick your face onto your screen, it's not going to have the same effect as Glass' prism viewer. But for excited geeks without the wearable tech on their faces already, it's the best option available.

Via: Cnet

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