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Perhaps we were wrong about 3D films after all

Maybe we were wrong about 3D films after all

We've talked a lot of smack about 3D films in the past, but did we speak too soon? A new set of research suggests that watching films in 3D can help improve your cognitive abilities in the same way that brain-training games do.

Over at Goldsmiths University, researchers found that people watching 3D films had improved brain skills compared to those watching 2D video.

Participants took a test to record their memory function, reaction times and cognitive functions before and after watching a section of Big Hero 6 either in 2D or 3D. Reaction times in the 3D set were up 11%, while cognitive processing was also up 23%.

So if you have exams coming up, dig out those 3D glasses, put Avatar on and tell your dad it's revision. But don't come crying to us when you fail.

Via The Herald