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Nike introduces 'super sight' sunglasses

Nike's new sunglasses improve your peripheral vision
Nike's new sunglasses improve your peripheral vision

A Nike designer claims that a new pair of sunglasses can actually extend your field of vision.

The glasses have been designed with cyclists and extreme sports fans in mind.

Designer Billy May's super-shades have base-curve nine lenses at the front and will incorporate Fresnel lenses into their sides, which he claims will give the wearer a 25 per cent wider field of vision.

May claims that a cyclist wearing the glasses can see traffic approaching from his or her side that they wouldn't be able to see without them.

Fresnel lenses

Fresnel lenses were originally designed for lighthouses. They are based on a concentric ring structure and have the same optical properties as convex lenses with the advantage of being far thinner.

TechRadar has contacted Nike UK to request a pair of these super-shades to test out on our morning cycle into work. Next up, trousers that make you run faster…