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NASA 4K channel to let you see four times deeper into space


NASA has been collecting 4K videos on its YouTube page for months now, and now the space exploration agency has announced its plans for a full-blown UHD channel.

NASA announced on its blog today that it plans on partnering with Harmonic, a company that specializes in video compression and delivery, to bring 60fps videos to 2160p screens.

The UHD channel is expected to launch on November 1 and feature some of the recycled films from the company's YouTube page and high-resolution images, as well as some completely remastered footage from historical missions.

So where will you be able to watch all the grandeur of space in 4K? According to the post, Harmonic is negotiating with cable and satellite TV providers for distribution. However, given that NASA's HD channel isn't available on every network, chances are good that it'll be a few years before companies like Comcast and Verizon consider adopting NASA's 4K footage.

That said, if you can't wait to see space in Ultra-HD, NASA will provide a stream online for users with at least a 13Mbps internet connection.

Put a tally in 4K TV's win column.