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Boris to release London's unused data to all

Data available to all
Data available to all

Boris Johnson will make the UK capital's unused information available on a 'London Datastore' website, encouraging app makers to innovate with the data.

Channel 4's 4iP fund will offer £200,000 to develop applications using more than 200 different sets of data when they are released on January 29.

Johnson, the Mayor of London, believes that access to information should be for everyone.


"The superb new London 'Datastore' will unleash valuable facts and figures that been languishing for far too long in the deepest recesses of City Hall," said Johnson.

" I firmly believe that access to information should not just be the preserve of institutions and a limited elite.

"Data belongs to the people particularly that held by the public sector and getting hold of it should not involve a complex routine of jumping through a series of ever decreasing hoops.