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CMI prepares for robot overlords

Take me to your chartered leader

A report by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) has thrown up a number of what it terms ‘unexpected’ scenarios of the world in 2018, including a society run by robots and businesses offering brain upgrade chips to their employees.

Although the CMI’s more sober look at the future predicts a bigger impact from the likes of Brazil and China, it is its alternative futures that are likely to garner the real attention.

Unforeseen events

“Unforeseen events could impact …leading to other versions of tomorrow,” the Chartered Management Institute report suggests, going through numerous scenarios including the rise of robots.

“The first fully functioning robots possessing artificial intelligence are created and put into management positions,” reads the scenario.

What to do in the event of robot rule

Fortunately, the report also gives members advice on how to deal with the aforementioned robot takeover.

“Regular updates on such developments and building up a knowledge base about the use and misuse of them in management may be an appropriate precaution to help prepare for their impact on current concepts of management.”

Quite. We at TechRadar would like to bow down to our future robot overlords.