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Razer opens pre-orders for its hackable VR headset

Razer OSVR

Razer's self-build virtual reality headset has been available for preorder to an inside track of developers for quite a while now, and now peripheral maker is finally letting everyone preorder the OSVR.

Razer's latest run of OSVR Hacker Development v1.3 kits will be available for $299 (about £194, AU$413) with free shipping to select countries. The price tag makes the Open-Source Virtual Reality for Gaming headset just a tiny less affordable than the $199 (about £126, AU$228) Samsung Gear VR, which also happens to be the price of the original developer kit.

According to Razer, there was an overwhelming demand for the first batch of units that easily sold out with 10,000 pre-registrants. With this latest batch of pre-orders, Razer claims to have stepped up it production.

Originally announced at CES 2015, the Razer OSVR headset has gone through a number of iterations. In its latest form, the headset features an HD OLED display for a high contrast picture and low latency.

Unlike other VR gadget, the OSVR is also unique in that it's hackable. The front face plate for example can be outfitted with modules, such as the Leap Motion, for position tracking.