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Blu-ray win is meaningless, says Apple CEO

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been shooting from the hip again - this time slighting Blu-ray's apparent victory over HD DVD. He has also accused Microsoft's Robbie Bach of being "inebriated" over claims that the Zune is now as good as Apple's iPod.

Jobs made the claims in an interview with CNBC reporter Jim Goldman. Goldman writes:

"I asked Jobs whether this meant the format war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD was over, with Apple the big winner. Clearly, he said, Blu-ray won, but in the new world order of instant online movie rentals, in HD, no one will care about what format is where."

It's no accident of course that Apple happens to be both a supporter of Blu-ray (although it has yet to manifest its support with any shipping products), and Jobs launched downloadable HD movie rentals on iTunes this week, along with a heavily revamped version of Apple TV - Apple's vision of the DVD player of the future.

Goldman then asked Steve Jobs what he thought of claims made by Zune chief Robbie Bach, who claimed that the Microsoft digital audio-video player was not as good as the iPod:

"Was he inebriated?" Jobs asked Goldman. "Do you even know anyone who owns a Zune?"