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Wi-Fi stretches 238 miles

You won't be needing one of these...

802.11n may supposedly be bringing the best-ever wireless ranges to our homes when it (finally) gets approved, but it's not exactly going to cover 238 miles. The record for the longest-ever Wi-Fi signal transmitted has been smashed in Venezuela, beating the previous record of 310km (193 miles).

Of course, this kind of mileage isn't achieved by using a yellowing home router and a laptop with the Centrino sticker peeling off. It used specialist - and very directional - kit from Intel .

Researcher Ermanno Pietrosemoli was able to make the connection pootle along at an impressive (for that range) 3 megabits per second.

Of course, the nature of the connection was well planned. The two nodes used at either end of the connection were situated atop mountains so that trees and other obstacles were avoided.