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Latest iOS 8.2 beta confirms the Apple Watch is nigh

Apple Watch
It can only be weeks away now

It looks like Apple is preparing its iPhones for the upcoming launch of the Apple Watch, as told by the latest update to its iOS mobile operating system.

The latest iOS 8.2 beta includes a new setting that can be found inside the Bluetooth Settings menu, which allows iPhone owners to quickly and easily pair their handset to an Apple Watch.

Unlike other Bluetooth devices you won't be able to pair the Apple Watch to the iPhone through that menu. Instead you'll need to launch the Apple Watch app, which will not only connect the Apple Watch to the iPhone, but will also allow you to download and install apps on the smartwatch.

iOS 8.2

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

The Apple Watch app is expected to be included with the final release of iOS 8.2, which is due for release in March, around the same time the Apple Watch is expected to ship.

The Apple Watch will only be compatible with iPhone 5 and newer handsets so if you have an iPhone 4S or older and have taken a fancyto Cupertino's wearable, it looks like it might be time to upgrade.

Via 9 to 5 Mac