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Mio shows off new GPS PDA phone

Mio Technology today announced the multi-function A501 device - a mobile phone, GPS handset, and Windows Mobile 5.0 PDA crammed into one device.

The sleek Mio A501 is a handy choice if you're off on your holidays as it combines smartphone features with satellite navigation and a fully functional PDA in one device, saving you to take lots of units with you.

The Mio A501 features a SiRFstar III GPS receiver for accurate positioning and an intuitive interface for route planning. Combined with Mio's own navigation software, you'll have access to thousands of points of interest, speed cameras and maps of 22 European countries.

Its PDA function uses quad-band GSM/GPRS with EDGE technology to transmit data. The transfer speed approaches 3G, providing better bandwidth experience for internet applications. The Mio A501 is powered by Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0, and also offers push email. There's also a 2-megapixel camera and Bluetooth connectivity.

"The Mio A501 offers audiences the best in design, compactness and functionality" said Paul Notteboom, president of Mio Technology. "But the important factor with this product is that due to its price level, Mio Technology is opening up the GPS PDA phone market to the ordinary user."

The Mio A501 is available from a selection of online stores - including Mio Technology , Easy Devices , and Expansys - now, priced at £340.