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Get free GPS mapping on your mobile

If Google Maps on your mobile doesn't list your local pizza place, checking rival Yahoo Maps would be no bother with MGMaps

With the global positioning system (GPS) becoming the latest popular feature for mobile phones, a free application that combines all the major mapping programs and GPS tracking should prove handy. MGMaps does just that. It combines Google Maps , Yahoo Maps , Windows Live Local and maps to generate more relevant results than you'd get using just one program, the makers claim - and it doesn't cost a penny to download.

Independent developer Cristian Streng launched the first version of the program in 2005. Last week he released the latest update fixing various bugs and introducing the support for GPS tracking.

It works using a phone's built-in or additional GPS receiver (connected via Bluetooth) by downloading satellite images to the handset via 3G - this would be charged at your standard data-packet download rate. To check if your phone is compatible see the MGMaps website .

MGMaps is a free program distributed under the Creative Commons licence . It can be downloaded for personal, non-commercial use only.