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D-Link outs fixed LTE routers '10 times faster' than competition

World connected
D-Link is aiming for service industry customers

D-Link, in collaboration with Direct Beam, has unveiled new fixed LTE wireless routers.

The low OpEx routers can be used indoors and outdoors and are designed to provide superior performance for subscribers and reduce the installation time for service providers, D-Link says.

Direct Beam and D-Link developed the new routers based on algorithm technology patented by the former. The tech, the two firms promise in a bold claim, will increase overall coverage and speed by up to 10 times higher than other routers currently available.

Maximum performance

The routers automatically perform self-beam steering adjustments according to any changes in their RF environment. This will, the two firms hope, maximise the performance at all times and in all situations.

"These new products will significantly broaden coverage, throughput and service quality, addressing significant pain points in the market." said GK Lee, vice president and general manager of mobile service providers division, D-Link.

"These products will enable operators to enhance their network, increase the service quality and generate incremental revenue from advanced value-added services," added Erez Marom, CEO, Direct Beam.