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Apple grabs 8.1% of PC sales

Apple's new iMac is helping to boost the company's market share in the US

Computer buyers are buying up Apple Mac laptops and desktops in their thousands, giving Apple its highest US market share for some time

Figures announced by market analyst Gartner show Apple on 8.1 per cent market share for the third quarter this year, beating Toshiba and Gateway into third place. Mac sales also grew by 37.2 per cent, double the industry average. This time last year Apple had 6.2 per cent share, Apple Insider says.

Apple sold 1,338,000 Macs in the third quarter, compared to 975,000 for the same period in 2006.

Dell, HP take top slots

There are no surprises for guessing who the top two PC slots go to: first is Dell with 29 per cent (down 5.5 per cent) and HP on 25 per cent (up 16.5 per cent).

Toshiba also experienced strong growth says Gartner, putting on 16.5 points to score 5.7 per cent of US laptop and desktop sales.