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Savvy U2 'leak' new album online

YouTube briefly played home to U2's November album

The role of technology in allowing vigilant members of the public to make the news has been amply demonstrated by the Sun's weekend story about U2's latest long-player leaking onto the internet.

We're told that Bono loves listening to himself so much he couldn't resist playing the upcoming album so loud a passerby was able to record it from outside the house and distribute it online.


Apparently, this happened in France, where the celebrated attention-seeker has a villa, and resulted in a YouTube posting, presumably of audio taken from a video camera.

Of course, we're not sure about any of this, as the posting has been taken down now, but we are sure that plenty more people now know that the album will be called 'No Line On The Horizon' and that the always prepared Mr Hewson has just secured himself sufficient free publicity to launch his own multimedia career.